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No more annoying odours, a comfortable feel solution for furniture leather

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“When the years have gone by and everything is gone, only the smell in the air remains to keep the past alive.”
It is often impossible to remember the details of what happened decades ago, but there is always a clear recollection of the smells that permeated the situation at that time, and it seems that you can re-feel the emotions and feelings of that time when you smelled it.Leather smells, and it seems that it should smell good. Some fine brands, for example, like to use leather as an aftertone in their perfumes.
Leather could indeed be fragrant, when the old European tanners used only lime, vegetable tannins and olive oil.

The development of technological applications has brought efficiency, convenience and reliable physical properties to the leather industry, but it has also brought odours, of the bad kind. Certain types of leather are very prone to odour problems and disturbances due to specific stylistic needs and closed use scenarios, such as furniture leather.
Furniture leather often needs a soft, full, moist and comfortable feel, which is best achieved with natural oils and fatliquours. However, natural oils and fatliquors tend to produce annoying odours. The main factors influencing odour problems are shown below:


So there’s a dilemma
How to solve it? We have done a lot of study.
We offer a new solution to the odour problem——
Decision’s DSU fatliquor combinations are not only very good in terms of softness, but also in terms of odour of the germ!


DSU fatliquor combination solutions
+ Polymer fatliquors
DESOPON DPF Provide fullness, lightness and airiness
+ Synthetic fatliquors
DESOPON SK70 Provides a comfortable and moisturising feel
+ Synthetic fatliquors
DESOPON USF Provide a softness comparable to that of highly concentrated natural oils

This fatliquor formulation was evaluated against the conventional sofa leather process for fatliquor substitution, and it was concluded that the sofa leather blanks using the DSU fatliquor combination——
● fullness and soft to the touch, good elasticity, clean and light colour
● A very similar style compared to the conventional crafted leather
● A little better in terms of cleanliness of colour and elasticity
● Slightly less in terms of oil feel, but not much difference
● Almost at the same level in the most important factor of softness

We also advise our clients that they can modify and improve on this as appropriate to meet their actual needs.

In the odour test, which is a major concern, the DSU solution outperformed the conventional recipe by a wide margin, with no unpleasant odours.

Of course, Deccision is continuing to develop its products and processes to address the annoying problems of tanning, including leather odour.

After all, the material links to the good life and not the "annoying" life!

Sustainable development has become a very important part in the leather industry, the road to sustainable development is yet long and full of challenges.

As a responsible enterprise we will carry this as our obligation and work persistently and indomitably towards the final goal.

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