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Make floater article more even, DESOATEN ACS

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If you are driving in Xinjiang, follow the Lianhuo Expressway back to Urumqi, after crossing the Guozigou Bridge, you will pass through a long tunnel, and the moment you come out of the tunnel – a large crystal clear blue will rush into your eyes.

Why do we love lakes? Perhaps because the shimmering surface of the lake gives us a sense of ‘dynamic’ calm, not rigid like well water or messy like a waterfall, but restrained and lively, in line with the Eastern aesthetic of moderation and introspection.
Floater is probably the style of leather that best reflects this aesthetic.
Floater is a common style in leather because of special grain effect, which gives a natural and relaxed style interest. It is used extensively in casual shoes, outdoor shoes and furniture sofa leather. It is also used to enhance the style and improve the grade of the leather, as the break hides the damage to the leather.

But a good floater also places high demands on the original rawhide itself. It requires a good evenness of the wet wetblue , otherwise it can easily cause uneven break problems. However, even if the wetblue is well treated, the variation in the original skins of the animals, especially the large differences in the backbone and side bellies, can make even break the biggest challenge of the floater style. So in response to this problem, the Decision’s team has introduced a new solution.


Foamed polymers
The most suitable polymer tanning agent for floater styles
By adjusting the structure of the product and controlling the molecular size, DESOATEN ACS is homogeneously distributed in the leather without being particularly tightly bound to the fibres and chromium complexes, and is distributed in a foam-like pattern throughout the hide, thus giving a homogeneous, spreading and not overly shrink grain surface.
After the drying and milling process, the break are evenly spaced on the back and not too large on the sides and belly, thus achieving a consistent overall break size and a soft handle without thickening.( The experimental data are as follows)


Whether it is a matter of even break the efficient dispersion of tanning agents, we, the tanning engineers and the people of DECISION, will work on every inch of the tanning process to create a link to a more beautiful life.

Reason for recommendation:
Improving the yield of leather
Even break
amphiphilic structure, uniform penetration
The overall break size is consistent and the handle is soft without thickening
The skin is spreading and the grain surface is not over-astringent

Sustainable development has become a very important part in the leather industry, the road to sustainable development is yet long and full of challenges.

As a responsible enterprise we will carry this as our obligation and work persistently and indomitably towards the final goal.

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